headers margin reset in hotmail

Hi there,

I'm using <hn> header tags in my code.
with css i reset the margins and padding, but being a cs declaration in the head of the document, or and inline style on the <hn></hn> tag, windows live hotmail does not reset those margin and leave me with ugly unwanted gaps.

does this happen to anybody else?


jmp909, 8 years ago

since Hotmail is an html page itself you can assume it's not going to render any of your code that's in a <head> or <body> tag as it has it's own already. Also i know some online email systems disable inline styles... i think it was possibly hotmail that changed them from style="...." to xtyle="...." . As such we use as much old-school html as possible, ie shims for padding and eg <font size="3"><strong> for large text, that will look correct without needing stylesheets

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