Looking for freelance API developer

We've been private labeling Campaign Monitor for resale to our clients for a while now. We are now getting inquiries from clients who want to know if our system will 'connect' to their CRMs. My first thought is that this has something to do with APIs but we are outta our league on this. We need to find a freelance developer who can explain the can and can't do's, why and wherefores, and then handling development.

Our clients have various CRMs, some off-the-shelf, some custom.

This is not something we're looking to be proficient at internally. We're looking for an individual to handle this portion of projects as they arise. Not a full or even part-time gig, freelance only.

I suspect we could use our client's IT firm to handle connectivity but I don't relish the idea of sharing that our 'system' is private labeled by sharing Campaign Monitor-branded API info with them. Thus, the need for someone on our side of the table regardless of whether we do the actual development or simply guide their IT firm in doing it.

Thoughts? Referrals? Anything?

julia at mondovox dot com


MitchDenny, 7 years ago

Hi there,

I'm the CTO at a professional services organisation what specialises in application development. We use Campaign Monitor internally and we also make use of Microsoft CRM 4.0. We've just done some integration between the two using the Campaign Monitor APIs and it has worked quite successfully.

I'd be happy to talk to you to work out if there was some way we could work together. My e-mail address is mitch.denny@readify.net.

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