Import Screwing Up Layout

So I've got a really weird issue going on. I need to import an email I built so that I can run a design test. The thing is completely built and everything is looking good. I've even already tested it on a local copy of Outlook 2007 to make sure everything is good there before I pay $5 for a test.

The problem comes when I import the HTML and the images into Campaign Monitor. For some reason, it's adding some space between two of my images which is completely ruining the entire layout. I tried sending myself a test version of it through Campaign Monitor, and the layout is definitely screwed up.

Does anybody know why a perfectly fine, working version of an email is getting messed up when I import it?

andrewlphilpott andrewlphilpott, 7 years ago

Also, CM is adding what looks like a _ to the left of the image that's being pushed over.

andrewlphilpott andrewlphilpott, 7 years ago

So the images in question are wrapped in <a></a> tags and apparently CM has a problem with the hrefs that I have in those links because I just replaced them all with # and now the layout is fine.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Andrew, that's very unusual. I recommend you send your email to support [at] and we'll take a look at the code. <a> tags and the like certainly shouldn't be throwing out your layout.

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Anke Anke, 7 years ago

Hi there. We have the exact same issue in a newsletter we designed. Is there any solution for this, or did anything come out of looking at the code?
Our construction is the same. <a hrefs> with <img> enclosed, and when testing it there is no whitespace. When it is imported, and the links are transformed into the c/send - coded links, all goes wrong.

Any ideas?
Thanx in advance!

Webdesigner and front-ender at Two Kings, Den Haag, NL
davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Anke,

It would best for us to look at your specific code to troubleshoot the issue. As Ros mentioned above, can you send along your code to support [at] and we'll take a look?

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Anke Anke, 7 years ago

Hi everyone, the problem got solved by moving the images / links that were problematic into a table. This way you can easily control the alignment.  Thanks to the CM support!
Hope this helps for any future reference!

Webdesigner and front-ender at Two Kings, Den Haag, NL

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