Friday question: How do you handle your plain text?

It's Friday afternoon here in Sydney (and a grey old day), so it's a good time to ask a simple question.

When you have done your html version of your latest newsletter, how do you handle the plain text? Do you:

a) Start from scratch, pasting in text from the source document?

b) Copy and paste the plain text format from the last time you sent a newsletter?

c) Use a template you have locally

d) Bah - plain text is a waste of time

e) Something else entirely

I tend to to do b - use the completed version and strip out the content, so the format is consistent from month to month. What about you?

damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

Its probably really bad form but once I've uploaded my html version I open the preview, select all, copy, then paste into the plain text version box.  Then let your auto-unsubscribe link option work its magic.

Its funny what you say about Friday too, I've got nothing at all done today.

epersonae, 10 years ago

Total mish-mash: I have a header/footer template.  Then I add text from the HTML version and do a little formatting to separate items, added headers, etc.  Then I copy the whole thing into your textbox and do the manual line breaks.

All that sounds more complicated than it is in practice. :)

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Do you guys stick with our suggested email width for your lines?

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damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

errr. Depends what happens when I paste it into the panel.  Poor show from me here I know and admittedly I don't focus much on the text version - its there for those who need it but I don't spend time on it.

epersonae, 10 years ago

Absolutely!  That's how I do my line breaks.  I really like the guide down the right side.

redketchup, 10 years ago

I definitely use the guide - it's tasty.

teresa, 10 years ago
Mathew :

Do you guys stick with our suggested email width for your lines?

No. I'm afraid to.

I don't want to force line breaks in something like this because it's really annoying when differing preference setups cause text to wrap in a bizarre fashion, resulting in widows, orphans, etc. I'd rather just insert paragraph breaks and let the rest of the text wrap as it will. Maybe there's some limitation I'm not getting about the text-only format - if so, please speak up.

But yeah, if I were going to stick to the width suggestions I'd find the lines helpful : D

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hey Teresa,

The reason we have set the guides is that traditionally ascii systems and plain text viewers have had a limited number of characters on a line they can display. This goes a long way back into nerdy computer history, but even for Exchange Server 2003 hard breaks will be inserted every 72 characters.

If you keep your line lengths under 72 characters then no additional breaks need to be added by the receiving system, so your formatting is safer.

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