YouTube videos now play in Gmail...

Wondered what you all thought about the new Gmail feature, it shows YouTube videos directly in an email...Here's how it looks: It does not work with link tracing, so you have to use the cm_dontconvertlink tag.

Should we segment Gmail users do you think? What's your take on in email seems so fragmented with Gifs, HTML5, Certified and now Gmail/YouTube.

- Anna

p.s. @MarkatEMR wrote a great post on this today:

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Anna, great call! We'll certainly tweet about about @MarkatEMR's post.

In terms of segmentation, I guess it all depends on whether you have enough responsive Gmail users to make it worthwhile to send Gmail-targeted campaigns. That said, I'm keen to do a blog post on segmenting your lists in that way - will post a link here when it's ready :)

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Diana Diana, 7 years ago

I think the danger with segmenting is there is really no assurance that someone with a address is actually viewing their email in the Gmail interface.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
style campaign style campaign, 7 years ago

Yeah your right... I think I'll turn of link tracking on YouTube vids, and send it to all email clients. The YouTube viewing figures give you some idea of response.

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