Rendering Issue in Outlook 2007

Hi all

Wondering if any of you can take a look at some code which is rendering incorrectly in Outlook 2007.  I am a little bit of an amateur with html, but being a tight, small business owner I am having to get this through myself!

My problem is that my code appears to work perfectly well in web browsers and all email clients except for Outlook 2007.

Take a look here to see what I am trying to upload:

If anyone could advise at all please, I would really appreciate it!

Many thanks in advance

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Can you describe the actual problem you are seeing in Outlook 2007? That could help narrow it down.

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mediaidentity_tim, 7 years ago

Thanks Matthew

Yes, I guess that is an obvious requirement!

I have uploaded a pdf for you to take a look at here:

Many thanks all

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Tim,

The obvious things I'm noticing are the images that aren't aligning correctly. In those cases it's because you're using float:left which Outlook doesn't support. Try switching that to align="left" in the HTML part of the image tag rather than the CSS.

For anything else not rendering correctly could you specify the exact problems?

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
howseotools, 7 years ago

align="left" in the HTML worked for me...

mediaidentity_tim, 7 years ago


Thanks for all your help so far.

I will work on amending the CSS tags to align left in the HTML.

To recap - this is what it 'should' look like:

and this is what I am actually getting in Outlook 2007:

The biggest issue I am having is that the grey background in the top row of the table is actually wrapping itself around everything else and becoming a 'border'.  This is then meaning that text is appearing in the wrong areas and the right hand graphic is appearing at the bottom of the mail pulling everything else out of line.

As I mentioned above, I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to html so am learning as I go - will replacing the CSS tags with HTML ones resolve the issue above, or may there be something else lurking in my code that I am missing?

Thanks again all, really appreciate your help! :)

rmills, 7 years ago

Homesite through up a huge amount of errors, try to remove the "px" from all widths...  right at the bottom, just above "top-right.gif" you have a missing a couple of </td>'s.  There's a couple of div's not being closed in the "current special offers" part and one just above "Welcome back to...".    At the bottom, TD's don't have cellspacing or cellpadding.  A missing </table> on that "Welcome back to...".  Finall you need a </td> just after "bottom.jpg"...

That might sort out a few issues... Hope it helps...

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