Limit reporting scope?

Is there a way to limit the scope of the reports? I would like the client to be able to look at aggregate data (opened vs. not; hard boucnes, soft bounces, etc.) but they should not be able to:

a) see all of their subscribers individually (that can be secured by not letting them manage subscribers)
b) see what an individual (as opposed to the aggregate) did

E.g. it is useful to know 112 of 800 subs opened my email yesterday and clicked on this link. But it is not acceptable to see that Mr. John Doe, owner of this particular e-mail address, opened my email yesterday and clicked on this or that.

So basically I want to get rid of recipient activity.

I have found no way to limit the reporting without turning it off entirely. Is it simply not there or did I just not find it?



Youngtimer, 7 years ago

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