is this already possible ?

Scenario :

today i send for my client 1000 emails !

tomorrow my client says: "owww i have these 10 extra email adresses, they have to receive that email also"

Can i add these 10 email adresses and send them within the SAME campaign, so they will be tracked in the SAME report?

This is a very common issue with my clients, who get new subscribers daily and want to send emails to new subscribers after the first send batch....

I asked for this a year ago, but by then it was not possible.......maybe now it is????

This would be (in my eyes) the most valuable update in CM !!!!

kind regards


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Once the campaign is sent, that is it, so you can't add anyone else to it. You'd still need to send a separate campaign.

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rob.gevers, 7 years ago

what is the reason this is so difficult to implement ?

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

It isn't that it is necessarily difficult, it is that we have an infinite number of possible things we could add to .cm and only a limited amount of time and resources.

So far, this request has not been high enough priority on our list to be added, partly because you can get most of the benefit by using the 'edit and resend' function already.

If we do get lots more requests we'd certainly consider it for the future, but right now it is not in our planning.

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