Client.GetCampaigns returning empty

I'm just trying to get a list of defined campaigns via the api.
I have tried using the .Net wrapper (return code = 0, empty list in returnObject).
Source code:
var getListsResult = Client.GetCampaigns(_apiKey, _clientId);
if (getListsResult.Code != 0)
  throw new Exception(string.Format("Can't get campaigns: Error {0} - {1}", getListsResult.Code, getListsResult.Message));
return getListsResult.ReturnObject;
This returns an empty array,

I tried just hitting the api url (i.e.
This returns effectively an empty arrray:
<anyType d1p1:type="ArrayOfCampaign" xmlns:d1p1="" xmlns="" />

I definitely have created several campaigns.
I can get lists via the API (i.e. changing that code above to GetLists works fine), So it seems to be a server / api issue.

joshka, 7 years ago


davidh, 7 years ago

I have replied to your support request by email. I think the problem is that Client.GetCampaigns only returns sent campaigns, not drafts. If you send a test campaign it should work for you.

joshka, 7 years ago

Thanks David. I haven't received that email yet. Nothing in my Junk mail either.
Is there an alternate method that allows access to draft campaigns via the API?

joshka, 7 years ago


hansef, 7 years ago


Adding to joshka's question here - I know there's nothing in the API currently to support retrieval of draft campaigns, but is this a roadmapped item? We're currently working on a product that provides close integration with several email gateways, including Campaign Monitor. MailChimp, Vertical Response and Constant Contact all allow us to retrieve ALL campaigns, with a sent/unsent flag set on the returned record. Is there a specific reason this functionality is not currently supported?


jamesd jamesd, 7 years ago

Hey guys,

Sorry about the inconvenience of only returning sent campaigns from Client.GetCampaigns. We've had a few requests to include drafts, so I've added your votes to our existing feature request. We obviously receive a huge amount of feature requests and only have a finite amount of time and resources to fulfil them, so I can't promise when this will be implemented and released. We'll be sure to let you know here when it has though.

If you've emailed support and don't appear to have received a response, please email again. It is very unusual not to have received a response though, as we make a point of replying to every legitimate support request we receive.

Thanks once again for the suggestion.

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