Improving the Sending Limit Manual Approval Process

When a client with a small sending limit finally grew their list beyond their max, I began to think about how this process could be adjusted to improve things for both the customers and CM:

It might be helpful to use previously sent campaigns to adjust approved sending limits to help limit the number of warnings and delays experienced by clients.  This would reduce the resources ($) needed to "manually approve" new limits, and create some goodwill with the customer base.  Currently, I think warnings are only generated when a campaign scheduled that exceeds an account's sending limit, which results in unplanned delays (or is it when the total number of contacts in a list(s) exceeds the limit?).  Why not pro-actively adjust sending limits based on previous campaign size and account reputation/standing?  CM can compare the size of each campaign with existing sending limits and make a proactive decision.  For example:
A client gets an initial sending limit of 500.
Client campaign 1: sent to 250 subscribers
Client campaign 2: sent to 375 subscribers
Client campaign 3: sent to 450 subscribers
Once campaign 3 is sent, CM can see that the account is operating at 90% of its sending limit.  It can check the complaints of the campaigns and if the account is in good standing, CM can automatically increase the sending limit (let's say 20-25%, letting the account continue to grow... plus, you create good sentiment by saying "Congratulations - your sending limit was increased because you're adhering to good email practices!" instead of negative ones about getting their campaign out on time based on a manual approval process.  (Customers are thinking: "What, they don't trust me yet? I've sent plenty of campaigns with no complaints and I'm growing my list organically.")

Also, I've been wondering about the accounts with smaller sending limits.  For example, a client starts at 200 subscribers and I think they get a limit of 400 or 500.  That's fine, but how much danger is there in approving new accounts with limits of 1,000?  If 1,000 sounds too risky for CM's reputation, perhaps an automated process for sending limits up to 1,000 can help save $ and extra effort/aggravation: You can approve new accounts for 500 first, then if their initial one or two campaigns result in very low complaints, you can automatically increase them to 1,000.  This would reduce the resources required to go through the second approval process so early, since 500-1,000 subscribers isn't too hard to grow to, and I am sure a very large number of accounts are at that level.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, we appreciate it. At this stage, we are still relying very heavily on actual people reviewing both permission explanations and the campaigns themselves - that is because the number of complaints received is only one part of the picture.

We are considering other ways to reduce the impact of approval, but checking permission will always be somewhat disruptive, by nature.

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