E-mail is empty in Outlook 2003 but works fine in hotmail and bigpond


On this particular template I am using the mail comes into Outlook 2003 completely empty. No images, no content only the subject.

The mail comes in fine in hotmail and bigpond web-mail though...

I built this template using another template that works just fine when sending it.

Please help.



Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Frederikke,

Could you post your code?

Sometimes open tags (particularly comment tags and the like) can do weird things like that in some clients and not others, it's something to look for. We'd need to see the exact code those to try and spot problems.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
unicorn, 7 years ago

You have to setup your pop3 code in outlook, just type in Google.com, hotmail pop3 code. when you get this code you get your email in your inbox

fred, 7 years ago

Hi Thanks for your replies

I found out why it happened, it was my own fault, I had been updating the template and thought that I could just update the html file and skip uploading the zipped image files and css. When I updated the template again and uploaded the zipped files in the same go it worked - but how it still worked in the two other e-mail clients without uploading the images I do not know...


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