Possible bug - importing contact lists

Hi, I've had a problem sending 2 recent campaigns which I think is linked to how contact lists are structured when importing.

My first list was arranged as COMPANY EMAIL TITLE NAME (csv file) and it left me with 2 name entries for each contact. The first was blank and the second had the correct name. This meant that all mail shots used the fallback character.

I could only fix this blank NAME entry by moving that column infront of the EMAIL entry.


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Mike,

Hmmm, this should work. When I test with a simple csv it imports the names fine. Can you contact support with your specific file so we can take a look and see what may be going on?

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mcotchin, 7 years ago

I went back to test this and realised it was user error. I'd actually selected 'Create new text field' with a value of NAME, hence the duplication.

Would be good if CM flagged that up at the time but it's no biggie!

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