Get ClientID from template

I want to use campaignmonitor to let people subscribe to certain workshops:

IF they subscribe I'm sending custom mails to the client and to the subscriber
The script is working en on one of my own servers.

YezIi can include the emailadres but I also want to include some more parameters to define client, workshop and so on.

e.g. url[email]&action=inschrijven

Can I retrieve this from the template that I've build or use another way to do this?

Thanks for helping me out

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago


I'm not totally sure if I understand what your desired end result is. Are you hoping to be able to subscribe new emails to a list, or…?

Travis Bell
lavagraphics lavagraphics, 7 years ago

The campaign will be send via the campaign monitor interface.

e.g. of the campaign we'll be sending
    - Client name: Vrancken Finance
    - Campaign name:  ADvies voor de klant.
    - Subject: Advies bij juridsch gescil
    - Message: Hi there, we wan't you to visit "Advies bij juridsch gescil" our newest workshop.
    You can SUBSCRIBE here (when they click subscribe the url wil open up)

e.g. of the url that should be in the template (a subscribe button)
- (translation: action=subscribe)

On that page I use the Api to get information like:
    - Campaign title
    - Campaign subject
    - Client name
    - Client email
    - Subscriber email
    - Subscriber name

e.g. Of the mails we're sending here

To Vrancken Finance

You're customer subscribed to Advies bij juridsch gescil

Name: This is my name
Surname: Here comes the surname

D.A.S. Verzekeringen

Hi ,

We 've got your subscription to ADvies voor de klant.
We'll contact you.

Vrancken Finance

With that information I'm able to determ the operations I need to handle.
I hope this is possible because we'll be using this for 400 clients, otherwise we'll be forced to compose the url manually

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lavagraphics lavagraphics, 7 years ago

It would help if I can just past the mail subject into that url.
That way I can add some info to the user with custom fields. The only thing not possible is the campaign name.

I really want to autopass it as a get argument to the url behind the subscribe button

It would be nice if this is possible: just retrieve the mail subject inside the mail,

Anyone can help?

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