Webversion link not using custom domain

This is an odd one...
I used a custom domain for a while; a subdomain actually, and everything worked fine (normal links, webversion, unsubscribe, etc. all linked through that). Now, I've bought a more generic domain name so my clients don't see my own domain name in their emails. I added this domain, and it's all hunky-dory, all verified etc.

Next, I have created a new test campaign for a client. When I sent it to myself, I see that the normal web links are fine, they are going through my new custom domain. But I notice that the webversion and unsubscribe links are not going through my custom domain - instead they're going through clientname.cmail1.com.

Now, if I'd known that those links, and the weblinks could go through the subdomain with my clients name in it, then I might have not bothered with the generic-sounding domain name. But I'd like the links to be consistent. So rather than some links going through your domain and some other links going through my domain, I'd like them all to go through the same one. In my particular case, that would be through my custom domain.

I'm not a big user, so I may be missing something simple here. Any pointers?

edit sorry, just realised this should be in the troubleshooting forum.

Stig Stig, 7 years ago


If you email us your account URL, our developers should be able to sort that out for you.


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antanova, 7 years ago

Thanks, message sent. I actually think it's quite good that the client's name appeared as the cmail1.com subdomain - does that normally happen when you don't have a custom domain? Do you know why it happened in my particular case?

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antanova, 7 years ago

That's resolved now, thanks very much.
I'd like to hear your answers to the question in post #3, if possble - it would give me additional choice with my clients. I might have to create a separate account - one to use my custom domain, one to use the named subdomain.

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davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

antanova - correct, if you don't have a custom domain name, then the client's name is used to build the URLs. With a custom domain it will use the custom domain instead.

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antanova, 7 years ago

Thanks Davida, that's handy to know in case a client queries it. Luckily, I think my generic domain is generic enough that it's unlikely it'll be an issue. Thanks again.

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antanova, 7 years ago

I have just created a new campaign using the same template as before and am facing exactly the same problem - sent an email to support, and am adding here for anyone else who has a similar problem.

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antanova, 7 years ago

** PROBLEM SOLVED ** - my fault, not yours. I misread your ealier email.

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