Feature request

Hi everyone.

I'm formally submitting a feature request for the addition of a means to add multi-column repeaters in CM.

I'm pretty sure I won't be the only one to request this feature, however I'm finding it increasingly necessary and desirable to create column based repeaters with multiple editable content blocks/areas.

Here's my idea and how I would love it to be coded in a CM template using a repeater:

    <h2><$title link='true' default='Enter Title Here'$></h2>
            <th>column 1</th>
            <th>column 2</th>
            <th>column 3</th>
                <h3><$title link='true' name='title1' default='Enter Title Here'$></h3>
                <$description name='field1' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>    
                <h3><$title link='true' name='title2' default='Enter Title Here'$></h3>
                <$description name='field2' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>
                <h3><$title link='true' name='title3' default='Enter Title Here'$></h3>
                <$description name='field3' default='<p>Enter body content here</p>'$>

I'd love to hear ideas an opinions from other CM users who also crave this type of column based repeatable content area or even people who have come up with solutions to deliver templates in a similar manner.

Thank everyone.

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hi Ara,

Assuming I understand what you're looking for, this would be fixed if we simply supported having more than 1 title or description per repeater item. We've had this request before and I'll be sure to add another vote for it.


Travis Bell
geeves, 7 years ago

Thanks Travis.

I know its a competitive advantage for you guys to not share upcoming features, but as a customer, I'd love to know what is being planned or things you're considering working on. I'm sure by now you guys have a well established and loyal customer base who would love to see what you're currently planning on deploying this year.

Kind regards.

Ara Garabedian
Multimedia Designer/Developer
Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Ara,

We don't publish our upcoming features, sorry. We never want to promise something and then have it be scratched or delayed for whatever reason. As soon as something is about to be released (or was just released) we'll start talking about it on our blog, though, so we recommend keeping on eye on it for details.

D. Potter
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