Is the API only one way?

I'm not a programmer so sorry if this sounds stupid. Am I right in saying that the API is designed to allow third party software such as a CMS to manipulate the list? Or can I somehow use the API to control my CMS or in this case an ecommerce application? Whenever someone subscribes to the newsletter, I'd like it if they were added and some sort of instruction sent to my shop database that inserts a record into my customer table.

Or should I be looking to send new subscriptions to a custom confirmation page that includes some code to insert this record? Are the subscriber details passed through to this page somehow.

Hope that makes sense.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey CD, thanks for the question. Those different approaches you mentioned are certainly what the API is for. We've made it easy for you to keep your lists synced with external applications, so if someone subscribes to your site they're added to your internal list, and if you add some internally they'll appear in your CM list too.

Alternatively, you can use the confirmation page to automatically update your own database when you receive a new subscriber or when someone unsubscribes. This is a more limited approach to the API, as it's only a 1 way update. Here's a walkthrough of how you could sync any unsubscribes with your own database.

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