Problem with links & response time to support request???

We're having problems with links to our music player in the campaign monitor template.  We are inserting the link via the edit tool in the template.  When we test the link in the EDIT page it works fine, but once we go to preview (or send a test email) it doesn't work & we get a message that the link/url is invalid. 

It's definitely not a cut & paste error with the link as we've checked and rechecked it a million times.


I sent a request for assistance through the website on Friday & direct email to but haven't heard back from anyone yet.  What kind of response time are we looking at now??? Have been using CM for almost 2 years now and always used to get help very quickly.....?

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi emiaus,

It looks like your question has been sorted out via support. It looks like we hadn't received your first question. We do respond quite quickly via support normally, generally within a few hours.

D. Potter
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