Behaviour of 'Move a copy of my CSS inline' - Adds Inherit for font ??

hey all,

I love the ability to create a newsletter with a linked stylesheet, and then just tick the box to move the styles inline when importing it into campaign monitor... but i'm having some problems with it.

I've noticed that when i import my campaign with this checkbox selected, CM actually "Copies" the styles to the inline elements, and also leaves the stylesheet linked.

What's more, some styles are not actually copied inline (for example:  font-size), but are instead replaced with "inhert"

eg:  If my stylesheet has "font-size: 120%" for a class, when that style is moved inline on the element, it ends up as "font-size: inherit", and this prevents the actual % value taking effect.

It seems font-size is the only attribute i'm struggling with... any suggestions as to how i can work around this?

Thanks heaps

Ben Ben, 7 years ago

Hey Greg,

You can work around this by having all your CSS inline in your campaign instead of in a separate file. That way we won't try to import your CSS for you and you'll have full control.

gregorius, 7 years ago

hey Ben,

Thanks for that, but that's not the answer i was after... basically, the functionality you provide by this wonderful feature doesn't really work, and your fix is 'dont use it'??

Of course i can bypass the css importing - but it's a whole lot easier for me if i can actually use this fantastic feature (which in all seriousness was a big reason for me choosing campaign monitor as my platform of choice for my clients moving forward)

Anybody else care to have a bash at this one?


fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Here's an alternate solution, should you wish to use it:

It converts your CSS to inline from your HTML just by pasting your code. - Everything Email.
Email: Skype: fyredefyre
gregorius, 7 years ago

Thanks Jordan, i'm aware of mailChimp.. however I have already invested some effort into campaign monitor so would like to get it working rather than jump ship right now.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


I have tried recreating this and cannot get my inline elements to come up with inherit. Can you contact me at support with your specific campaign so I can take a look at the exact coding that this is happening with?

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gregorius, 7 years ago

hey thanks for that Davida... I'll shoot you an email now

gregorius, 7 years ago

Thanks to the excellent help of Davida, I was able to resolve this issue... turns out i had font:Arial elements declared on each of my classes for some unknown reason... this was throwing the system out.  Removing them solved the problem.

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