Edit mailout templates in CM?


We use Campaign Monitor for a dozen or so clients, the most frustrating part of the whole process is testing emails in multiple email clients, to do this we have to:

1. make changes in our email HTML template and CSS files
2. re-upload the template file AND zip file (even if I have only edited the HTML file)
3. re-send the test mailout to myself of Litmus App
4. wait for results, check against design and inevitably make more changes to HTML template
(repeat 15 or so times if testing Outlook 2007)

This is incredibly frustrating and time consuming, we may spend 4-5 hours on this type of testing, 60% of which is simply steps 2-4, an inline editor would fix this.

We would love to see a inline-editing tool for the HTML template in CM, c'mon guys!

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 7 years ago

Hi Yari, thank you for your detailed suggestions. I've certainly added your vote for inline editing internally. Its our imperative to make the campaign creation and testing process as efficient as possible, so we'll let you know about any changes we make.

We agree that testing and fixing Outlook '07 quirks can be very frustrating - please let us know if there are any resources we we can provide to help folks work around this email client. Many thanks again for your feedback!

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