Best way to wrap text around object in outlook 07


Thank you in advance for your time and assistance.

I code html e-mails for a position that I currently hold. For the most part, we work off of a template, but occasionally we stray away and try something a little different.

I came across an issue today where the copywriters wanted to have a "sidebar" in an e-mail and have the rest of the content wrap around it. At a glance, it looked and sounded like the easiest thing to do. It could not be further from the truth, as I still am having the issue. Somehow no matter what solution I had working in popular webmails, it always did not work in outlook 2007 and its poor html rendering!

I tried right aligning a div using inline css and that worked in gmail and most other popular webmail clients, but outlook totally ignored it and the div displayed block and pushed the rest of the content below it.

The compromise that I had to resort to today was very "hack," but thankfully worked for today's goal.

I basically took the "sidebar" content and the content that would be wrapping and split those into 2 table cells. Thankfully everything lined up ok this time, but I'm very concerned that it won't next time.

Have you ever encountered anything like this? If so, do you have any solutions for that nagging outlook 2007 or even any universal solutions?


joebeem, 7 years ago

It is amazing how clearly one can think when they are not under the gun to get something done.

I'm almost embarrassed that I even made this post. As I was sitting here watching TV, I thought about how I was aligning the sidebar to the right. Then for some reason I thought to try putting an align left attribute on the <p> tags surrounding this area (even though everything is aligned left already) and it works in outlook and everything else I tried!

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Joebeem,

Glad you were able to solve it! Sometimes all you need to do is write it all out and then get some distance :).

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
joebeem, 7 years ago

Apparently the fix that I thought worked actually does not work. This is what happens in outlook 2007 when I try to align left or right.

Has anyone else ever encountered this? If so, is there a way to fix it?

joebeem, 7 years ago

Just to clarify, the text is supposed to be wrapping around the yellow content area in the image posted above.

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