Approval - Is there an API call to handle the back/forth communication

334: Campaign Pending Approval
This client doesn’t have approval to send to a list of recipients of this size.

Can this be handled with a call to something which allows submission of the answers to the questions in /Help/popup.aspx?t=95 - avoiding clients needing "Account Access" to do anything _real_ in this system ?

Is there an API call I am missing somewhere ?

There doesn't seem to be any "Client.getApprovalStatus" or anything similar.

On top of the glacial subscriber import performance through the API this is just half baked.

Ben Ben, 7 years ago


The approval process is only handled outside the API and within the application. We've looked at adding this within the API but it would be a very complicated process.

Thanks for the feedback on the import process, I've added your vote to improve this method.

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