CM Issues?

I'm wondering if there is an issue today with CM?
I sent a campaign about an hour ago that has not registered any opens yet, which is very unusual for this client's mailings. My client has not received it yet, either.  It was only sent to about 40 recipients, so it should not have been in queue-

any ideas?  Anyone else having any issues? I just deployed a couple tests to myself, and those worked fine-

rgale, 7 years ago

A client of mine had a similar issue yesterday and found that the emails were coming from a new address that wasn't recognized by their spam filter as okay -- would anything have changed on the Campaign Monitor end that would affect this?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi Lauren,

We've had a couple of other customers report a similar problem for campaigns sent around this time. There wasn't any indication in our send queue at that time that emails were delayed in leaving our servers, so the hold up may be somewhere else. That being said, we will definitely have a developer take a look at this as soon as possible to see if there was a problem with our system at that time.

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mthawk mthawk, 7 years ago

I'm having the same issue and submitted an email to support. We're getting really odd results.

spam = 0
bounced = 0
unsubs = 0

Yet, none of our staff receive our own email. We've checked our spam folders, nothing. Please help! 



UPDATE: Receiving now at some of our staff and personal email accounts about 52 minutes after send.

lischq, 7 years ago

I'm experiencing the same thing.  My campaign to ~550 recipients was sent about 10 minutes ago, and nothing is registering on Reports yet.

this happened to me a while back, and Customer Support basically just told me that from their end it was finished delivering.  But that doesn't explain why the numbers are coming in so much more slowly than before.

Anyone know what's going on?

Ben Ben, 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

Firstly apologies for the delivery hassles you are having at the moment. It appears that one of our mail servers has developed a sending backlog. We are working on rerouting those emails through the other servers and getting that server back up to speed.

It shouldn’t be long before you receive your emails and start to see your open rates climbing again, if you haven’t already.

lischq, 7 years ago

Darn. Open rates will be really low because the send was delayed until after work hours here in U.S.
If there was a sending backlog, then why did I receive my delivery confirmation email almost immediately?

Ben Ben, 7 years ago

I'm sorry about this delay lischq. Hopefully your open rate continues to improve over time as the rest of your recipients get to their email clients.

The confirmation email was sent through a different server. We have a large number of sending servers, and only 1 server was impacted by the slowdown and unfortunately your campaign passed through this server.

ZrainMedia ZrainMedia, 7 years ago

This happen to me today with my first customer (list of 11,000 +), sent at 3:00 am (Pacific Time, US).  The only issues was on aol (all) and hotmail (some) accounts, with a delays of over 13 hours in the delivery.  I just lured the client away from VerticleResponse dot com and this didn't make for a good first impression.

Yes, I have all the authentication, Domain keys and everything else to identify me as a legitimate service.

Hopefully, this get corrected and doesn't happen again in 4 weeks when they do it again.

martij212, 7 years ago

Hi Ben,

Is the issue with the (1) bad mail server backlog totally resolved now?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


We really apologize for the unfortunate timing on that. Can you please contact us at support to discuss, if you haven't already?

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davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


The issue should be totally resolved by now.

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