White Label Full content API Templates (Reseller and Client).

Hi CM and Developers,

I just started using this product and it would be nice to have downloadable Reseller and Client HTML Templates.   This way all you have to do as a designer is add design elements to the html templates and css, you and your clients API key (maybe in a config file) to set-up your Reseller's and Client's site on the prospective hosted servers. Maybe even code snippets to drop anywhere in you design if you feel like customizing the templates.

This would make it a lot easier for the API challenged, would ensure integrity and that it would always work out of the box.

Keeping the design continuity of the reseller and client with all the bells and whistles of the CM dashboard, also allowing customer to sign-up for an account from resellers site with out programming knowledge would make you a true white label reseller.

If CM or an Independent API Developer (CM's stamp of approval) could design this with I would be will to purchase the template.  Free would be great but time is money.

A couple of things for CM, maybe ...
1. Allow the reseller to customize the text properties which is added to the" forward to a friend" email, maybe in the template itself.
2. Add a subscribe function automatically when someone "forward to a friend" between the text and newsletter.
3. Add a feature that would let you use the emails which have been Hard bounced to purge all other databases that may have those emails reintroduced by importing or subscribed (spammers) before sending new campaign.  I know you purge the databases after you send them when a hard bounce is received but I don't think this prevents or removes those emails from making there way back into your list prior to the blast.

Be gentle this is actually my first day, customer , campaign (only 11,000 +), and observations.

Thank you for listening to my rant,

API challenged and wishful thinker

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