Delayed sends

I sent a campaign yesterday (3/11) that seemed to have a staggered delivery. I have never noticed that before. The campaign was sent at 11:00 am and the first opens happened then. But delivery to me (I'm on the list) didn't happen until 5:00 pm. I have never noticed a delayed send before. And in this case it wasn't a big deal. I am just wondering if your servers were bogged down with a lot of sends or if this is normal and I haven't noticed until now.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi - Yes unfortunately we did experience a backlog yesterday on one of our servers. As of now we rerouted all the backed up traffic and have gotten the offending server up to speed as well as given it a stern talking to. We really do apologize for the hassles :(

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sowsinsk, 7 years ago

Hi all,
I'm wondering if anyone is experiencing the delayed sends this week. It's happened to us around 3 in the past 2 weeks, which was surprising since the e-mails typically get delivered very quickly. We gauge this based on 2 factors: test e-mail addresses that we have set up, and the amount of "out of office" replies we get throughout the day. They seem like isolated issues, but I'm wondering if these delays are going to become more permanent for some reason?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hi guys,

We noticed the slowdown when it happened and our engineers got to work on the problem right away. We were able to get the server cleared up and any backlogged emails re-routed quickly. Sorry for the hassles! These were isolated incidents; we certainly aren't anticipating this happening on a regular basis. Thanks!

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agent314 agent314, 7 years ago

We sent ours about 30 min ago to about 800... and noticed a tremendous slowdown... we have not even received our in-house copies yet... that usually happens within minutes... not goo for Friday emails... :-) hope it speeds up...


Jeffrey D Brown
asif, 7 years ago

I just sent one too - seems to be stuck on 'Sending' at 0%..

agent314 agent314, 7 years ago

I hope they are awake in Sydney...

Jeffrey D Brown
Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Everyone,

Don't worry, we're always awake ;). Looks like there have been some delivery issues with a few webmail servers that caused a backlog in the delivery queue. Our awesome sys admin has re-routed everything to work through it all and it's working through the backlog. So sorry about the delays! Especially two days in a row like this!

There may be some AOL bounces as well (what started the backlog) so if anyone experiences that just get in touch with support and we'll help get that sorted.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
jtesolin jtesolin, 7 years ago

Good afternoon,

Are there still a few server hiccups? Some of our clients are still experiencing delays today.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We're not seeing any problems on our end - do you mean problems with your campaigns actually being sent, or being received? Sometimes mail servers can be slow to deliver emails that we sent out long ago.

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jtesolin jtesolin, 7 years ago

Sorry - I meant that some clients have not been receiving test emails after clicking "Send the test email". They are not receiving messages in their junk, and they have sent before with no issues. I noticed that when I was testing this email it took about 10 minutes to actually send it off, and have the status change to green at the top.

I will check with them then edit this when I hear back.

martij212, 7 years ago

We send out (3) different editorial newsletters once a week. This is the second time we are dealing with slow delivery impacting our open rate. We typically get about 20% and today it's 4%.

Has Campaign Monitor gotten to the very root of this issue?

Today is March 24. Are there issues again today? Is it resolved?

lischq, 7 years ago

lovely.  It's the 25th (in U.S.) and it looks like sends are delayed again.  This is only the second or third time this has happened, but it is never fun to have to explain this to a client.  It's especially confusing when they get the confirmation email saying that their "campaign has been delivered," when in reality it hasn't.

lischq, 7 years ago

P.S. I think it would be helpful if an announcement was made explaining what actual steps are being taken to assure that this does NOT become a regular thing, since I don't think these can be considered "isolated incidents" anymore.

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