Rendering issues in Novell WebAccess

Last week we sent out our first newsletter with Campaign Monitor. We watched at the stats with pleasure, the newsletter seemed to do well. Despite the fact the stats look nice, we got some questions from our client concerning troubles viewing the newsletter. After some questions I found out part of the problem occurs in Novell WebAccess. In Novell WebAccess the newsletter renders not like in any other mailclient, and on one way or another, blocked all the links in the newsletter. They asked me how this could be, but we don't have any experience with Novell WebAccess.

Is there anyone with experience in making newsletter(templates) which render ok in Novell WebAccess? Thanks in advance!

Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Peter,

Novell WebAccess isn't a client we hear a lot about but if you could post some screenshots and your code someone might have some specific ideas about what to fix what went wrong or even just how to modify your design to mitigate the issues.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor

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