Repeater Tags

Dear Campaign Monitor:

I am somewhat confused regarding placement of Repeater Tags. I am working from your Complex Green Postcard Template. I am trying to edit this template so that my client can add a variable number of topics which include the basic Heading, Description, and Image from the body of the email. (Two of these areas are provided in the template.) I've tried various combinations with the tags but can't achieved the expected results when I upload the template for testing. I am probably overlooking something obvious.

Can someone describe repeater tag placement for me beyond what is already available in the existing help page? Perhaps someone could send me a file of the body from the Complex Green Postcard Template with the tags in place.

I am a marketer and do not write much code!


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Rich,

Just to clarify, are you trying to use these templates with Campaign Monitor? Allowing your clients to add content to their own newsletters is part of our MailBuild application, not Campaign Monitor, so I just wanted to clarify we're on the same page here.

rottum, 9 years ago


Sorry for any confusion. Yes, I am using MailBuild. I thought this Forum supported both products.

In reviewing my code, I see I added a repeater tag to an element at the bottom of the sidebar (right before the Email Content.) If I understand your product correctly, I can only use one repeater block per template. This must be preventing me from using the repeater tag again for the Email content section.  Would that be the case?


Rich Ottum
General Manager
Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Sorry for the confusion Rich, but that's right, you can only use a single repeater for each template. If you'd like to have a secondary content area and you have an idea of how many sections will be required, you can pre-build that out using title and description tags so your client can just jump in and edit them for each issue.

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