Auto-generated plain text version

Why does the Auto-generated plain text version of my email campaign contain text that I have to edit each time. Can't it pull the info from the HTML template I've created?

For instance at the bootom of the plain text email is this:

We sent this email to [email address suppressed].

If you no longer wish to hear from us, click the link below to
instantly unsubscribe:
Link here

Evie Milo

At no point in my HTML email does this text appear - I don't use 'we' or 'us' in my text and have specific information about forwarding to a friend and unsubcribing. I'm going to have to edit the plain text version every time I send out a campaign to make the text the same as the HTML version!

isn't there a way to make them the same?

Also in the plain text version my main title and introduction text get shunted to the bottom and appear beneath the rest of my content - why? In the HTML version everything appears in the order I've desginated - this is yet another thing I have to change in the plain text version.

If there isn't a way around this, I'm happy enough to do the cahnges, but I'm sorting out a template and account for a client and will need to explain to them to do this, when it shouldn't be necessary.

Can someone get back to me about this?



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