"Building" a link with the users email address

Hi guys

I am setting up a campaign of our own, where I would like the users email address to be included in the link, when they click a link in the welcome email, so that I on the landing page can create a hidden field with the email address in.

I got the landing page process covered by a programmer, but I need to provide the users email address in the URL, so that we can make a hidden field.

Can you show me the best way to make this possible?

Thank you in advance

Diana Diana, 7 years ago


You'll just want to include the [email]tag in your link in order to include your subscriber's email address. So something like http://www.mydomain.com/email=[email]would end up http://www.mydomain.com/email=john@smith.com

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
SubZero69, 7 years ago

Thats awesome - if I had given that a couple more thoughts I might figured that one out myself.

Thank you D.

/sub =)

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