How to include a mobile or plain text link?

Please implement a plain text or mobile tag.

A huge %  of clients now receive emails on their mobile phones, yet there is no way to add a "mobile"  link into a template to a plain text or mobile friendly version.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago


Are you imagining a separate version of your campaign that is hosted somewhere else, and linked to?

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BraceRosso, 7 years ago

My guess is that wyck WAS thinking of a separate version hosted within the CM account, just like the web version of an existing HTML campaign, and I have to agree there is a need.  There's a certain ESP out there that is asking if your email campaigns are "mobile friendly." 
As more subscribers are receiving email on their mobile devices, it makes sense to offer them a version that could be viewed from their phone.  Unfortunately, there is no mobile version or text only tag for inserting a link to that version at the top of an email.
Could the autogenerated text version feature be modified to simply add the HTML tags necessary to make it viewable through a mobile browser?

BraceRosso, 7 years ago

Mathew - it sounded like you might have some ideas or perhaps some information about whether something like this is in the development plan already.  Based on the above clarification, what do you think?

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