Adding DomainKeys/DKIM and Sender ID records to DNS?

I am very new to all this so someone please help me!
I have sent the first campaign for a client with a email address.
The reports detail 82 soft bounces with DNS failure. I haven't authenticate by adding the DKIM etc aas I don't know how? Do I do this for each client I manage campaigns for and if so can someone explain to me how I add the DNS things to a address? Or have I got it totally wrong!
Pleaseeeee help me..


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Domain authentication is really for cases where you (or your client) are using their own domain, which they control.

You won't have access to add records for the whole BigPond domain obviously, so it isn't an option in that case.

DNS failures are most likely not going to be improved by authentication in any case, as they are often transitory issues on the recipient's side.

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