Plain text source order is wrong

I'd like to raise the issue of generated plain text emails being in the wrong order.

My HTML is in the correct order and fairly clean, no fancy stuff going on. However the top leading article (which is in its own table) is put to the bottom of the plain text version with less important sub articles appearing above.

Is there anything CM can do to resolve this issue or suggest something we can do in the HTML to avoid it happening? My HTML is ordered logically so I don't know what else to do.

As I mentioned in another thread it would be easier to move some clients over to another campaign service than to explain the issue and get them to fix the copy every single time they want to send something out. As far as they're concerned it's broken and since they're paying it should be fixed, not put to them to fix. But of course I'd rather not move elsewhere.


signalfeuer, 7 years ago

I have the same problem. Any solution?

Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago

User added personalisation using the editor in IE8 is also appearing at the bottom of the td it resides in for those that are unaware...

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