Multilingual support

Hi, I wonder if someone could post a summary of where Campaign Monitor stands in terms of multilingual support. I know I haven't managed to add Preference Centres or certain other elements to my site simply due to the fact that auto generated content (confirmation notices etc.) seem to be English only.

Am I wrong? I admit I put Campaign Monitor in place because it took barely any time at all to be up and running...and I haven't dug too deeply into the functionality, but if this is available it's not apparent up front. This is going to become must have functionality for me within a year and if I can't deliver then we'll be ditching Campaign Monitor as an organization. Would like to know whether I should plan for a new system now or if this is 'in the pipeline' and worth hanging on for.


Diana Diana, 7 years ago

Hi Jim,

External pages like the preference center, subscribe forms, confirmation pages, etc can all be translated into the language of your choice as can campaigns. The application itself is only available in English though. So basically you're able to send a campaign in something other than English and have all the various elements translated (preference center, forward to a friend, confirmations, unsubscribes, etc) but the backend for you and your clients will still be in English.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
antistatiquenet, 6 years ago

Hi Diana,

Perharps you can help me, how is it possible to translate the forward to a friend form ?



Diana Diana, 6 years ago


You'll just want to go to Client Setting and click on the forward to a friend link from there. On the customize page you'll be able to set your forward to a friend language as well as make some page customizations. We've already created quite a few translations but if the language you're looking for is missing and you're willing to provide the translation just get in touch with support and we can get that sorted.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
antistatiquenet, 6 years ago

Thank you Diana !

Works like a charm.

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