Images not download - any problems with servers?

I sent a large-ish (1500 subscribers) campaign about two hours ago, and got a lot of reports that images were not rendering. I re-ran the design test, and in most of the screenshots the images hadn't downloaded. However it doesn't seem to be related to the client - i.e. gmail screenshot has no images, but my gmail looks fine.

Are there any problems on the server right now that could be causing this?


mlbo, 7 years ago

I just got a very vague reply from support saying there has been high load on the servers, which might have caused the problem.

Is anyone else having the same issue?

FredTTS, 7 years ago

Hi there, we have experienced a similar problem with a recent campaign where a number of subscribers on various clients have received the email but without the images, whilst other subscribers have received the email with no issues. As this campaign was just an image with an embedded link, this means that a number of subscribers have just received a blank email.

Is there anything we can do with future campaigns to ensure this doesn't happen?

lbdsgn, 7 years ago

I have had a similar problem consistently over the past couple of months. Images in emails sent via campaign monitor load extremely slowly and sometimes do not come in at all. I have emailed support about it once before and received no help on the matter. Our clients are complaining and we may have to switch to another service as a result of this issue.

dunder, 7 years ago

I have been noticing this more and more recently when sending. Images take ages to load. It didn't use to happen. I guess this may be due to Campaign Monitor getting more popular but i think they need to upgrade their servers to make sure this does not continue to happen. It's frustrating and can be hard to know if it's a server error or a mistake with your email.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

We're using a CDN (content delivery network) which distributes the images all around the world in order to make them as fast as possible for as many people as possible (see )

There are times when the CDN system in one specific location gets a little bit slow, and when we see that we notify the CDN provider. Very often the reports of slow images are actually related to problems in the campaign, or very large images though, so it is worth contacting support about it.

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