Outlook 2007 1 px white line

I´m sending a e-mail marketing using Outlook 2003.

I copy the code of the E-mail Marketing, Paste it in the Outlook 2003.

Those who has Outlook 2003, Gmail, Yahoo, receive it correctly.

Those who fas Outlook 2007, receive it with some white lines, that match exactly the <TRs>.

Can you help me?

You can see the Code here: http://www.tecnoloc.com.br/emailmkt/tecnoloc2/1.html

Thank you.

fyredefyre fyredefyre, 7 years ago

Might be worthwhile if you can send through a screen shot so I can see exactly what's breaking here.

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BThies BThies, 7 years ago

The first problem - you're sending through Outlook 2003.  That's asking for unreliable display in a LOT of e-mail clients, blacklisting by ISP's AND you'll have to self-manage unsubscribes.

The second problem - it's all images... anyone with images disabled won't know what you're sending (not to mention spam filters blocking it).

The third problem - if you do go with a non-100% image based e-mail, you'll need to reduce the font sizes on the new document.  Those with small e-mail windows will delete that very quick.

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