Possible to have no default title or description?

We have a client that uses a large number of database lists. These lists use a number of custom fields which propagate the newsletter with content. The template also has a repeater in it, which generally is not used.  I have noticed that when a template is selected for a campaign that if no content is entered into that repeater then it still shows "Title"  and "Description"  even if defaults are set to blank space.  I realise it can be removed by deleting the item in the editor however we would like to avoid this extra step. Is this possible?

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago


Unfortunately, no. There is no way to avoid that step of deleting the repeater item. We show a default repeater item so it's easy to get started to edit (just by clicking the pencil icon) instead of always having to click the "Add new item" button.

Only option is to keep deleting the item.

Travis Bell

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