Simply Printing from Email

I have conducted a few campaigns now and have been asked how I can improve the accuracy of the Print command from the email newsletter.

In other words, someone receives the newsletter as an html document sitting nicely spaced inside its borders. They want to print it.

What comes out of the printer is a distorted version of what they see on the computer screen including the character spacing and wrapping.

Now, I KNOW the thousand-and-one variables that go into sending a on-screen document in either a browser for such services as Yahoo, Gmail, etc.  And the variables for printing from an email Program such as Outlook, blah lah...

I know that this is a complex issue BUT are there some best practices TIPS regarding Campaign Monitor encoding?

Is there the possibility of a separate link that uses a Print CSS stylesheet?

Or should I give up before I start and just make a PDF and include that link in the newsletter to the site where the PDF is stored?

What are other experiences here?

Thank you for all relevant replies!

travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago


If you want to make sure to be able to provide a "pixel perfect" version to print, you're only option will be to link to a PDF. You can try and use a print CSS stylesheet but since a lot of email apps mangle the CSS anyways, you're success with this might be minimal.

The PDF idea sounds solid to me, it will guarantee the integrity of your design.

Travis Bell

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