Campaign Monitor and Salesforce via api

We are a small business using Salesforce CRM as a Sales Tool and Contact Manager

It would be great if someone for a FEE could help us in intrgratoing Salesforce with Campaign Monitor

We would like to......

Add a contacts name and email address directly from Salesforce via a custom drop down into a Campaign Monitor Subscribers list,

If a subscribe reads or clicks on an email for this data to be taken into the contact record card as an opertunity within Salesforce

This will result that campaign monitor control panel will only be used to send emails

Hope someone can help?


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi markstothard, cheers for requesting Salesforce integration with Campaign Monitor. Well, we're pleased to announce that it's here - check it out.

The Salesforce connector for Campaign Monitor can be installed on Enterprise and Developer Editions only, for up to 5 licenses during the trial. We've got a walkthrough, screenshots and more details in our blog.

Many thanks to Han at SNB Apps for releasing a 30-day, limited free trial. We'd love to hear your feedback, or alternately, you can contact SNB apps directly.

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