ERROR in Creating a subscribe form Subscription Confirmation Email

I have a subscribe form setup on my clients website so that users can subscribe to my clients mailing list. When a user subscribes they get a one off email confirming they have subscribed. The subscribe form works fine and I can setup a confirmation text email. But I want the users to get a HTML confirmation email when they subscribe. The email needs to be a HTML email because the email will include a image of voucher which is redeemable in shops.

I'm having a problem saving after I've added a HTML email Confirmation. An error message saying "Sorry, there has been a problem with Campaign Monitor".

I tryed importing the email again and this time the preview doesn't show any images on my email. And I still had the problem with saving.

Has this happened to anyone else?

Does anyone know why I'm having problems saving the confirmation email

ChrisBarnett, 9 years ago

Its working now. A bit odd really why it wasn't in the first place though.

andyfmpug, 9 years ago

Hey Chris,

I am having this issue right now. Each time I import an HTML version of the email it says imported correctly but when previewing the images do not show. Trying to pull up an image gives a server error page. If I try to save and regenerate the HTML code it gives me the same error message you had.

Anyone have any ideas why this might be happening?

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

A few things to check are that your  images are not on https servers, and also that your server does not have 'hotlinking' protection turned on, which can stop our server importing the images.

Email support with the details and we can check it out for you.

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ChrisBarnett, 9 years ago

I needed to change one of the images in my email so I reimport the email and now I'm having the same problem as before. The email hasn't changed. The only change is one image and that image has same file name and is the same size in pixels as the image before. So I don't really know why this isn't working.

Anyone any Ideas?

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