Sign Up Form for Clients

Hi CM Fans,

I'm currently building my reseller website.
Im trying to build a signu up free form for potential client. Since CM does not seem to offer such a feature i guess i will have to build it myself wth the the API.

However i have never done something like this? Anyone out there that has expierience? Any Tutorial?
Or perhaps a freelancer that could do it?

Your help is highly appricited!!

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Without some web developer experience it could be tricky, but I'm sure there are plenty of developers that could whip that up quite easily.

However you might save yourself the trouble and just create a standard form that submits to your own database or email, and manually create clients. We always encourage people to speak to their clients to explain permission and email best practice, so manually setting them up can be part of that process.

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nebest, 7 years ago

Hi Matthew,
I'm a moderate PHP developer attempting to accomplish the same suscriber form as monkeyman.

It looks like the Subscriber.Add function would enable me to do this with an HTTP POST:
I came across the PHP Sample API Kit but there are no instructions or samples. Are there any hints or articles on how to build this form.

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