Test emails not reaching AOL mailbox

My test emails are not reaching AOL mailboxes. These are the same email accounts I've always used for tests, so nothing has changed from that perspective; and other messages are reaching these same mailboxes.

All other test emails to other ISPs are reaching there mailboxes.

Is AOL blocking Campaign Monitor test emails?

krishnarao, 9 years ago

Hi does anyone know whether we can recall a campoaign that has been sent out through Campaign Monitor. Would appreciate an urgent answer, KR

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Stewart, we're not experiencing sany specific delivery issues with AOL right now. I just sent a test message that went through fine and the bounce logs aren't showing up anything either. Did the email eventually arrive? If not, get in touch with support and they can look into the specifics of what you're sending.

Krishnarao, unfortunately an email cannot be recalled once it's been sent, that's one of the gotchas of email I'm afraid. The only time a message can potentially be recalled is when you're sending an email to someone on the same internal network as you and you're both using something like Microsoft Exchange to process your email. Once it goes outside your network though nothing can be done to recall it.

innoteach, 9 years ago

My test campaign is also not showing up in AOL mailboxes (and is bouncing to an active account on Excite).  A a large number of my  subscribers are on AOL.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

As you might have noticed, these issues were more than 4 months and just like then, we're not experiencing any delivery issues to AOL. It's always possible that your test email is being filtered as spam before it arrives. I'd recommend getting in touch with support about this so we can look into the specifics such as bounce headers, your email content, etc.

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