Personalisation / Personalization appearing at the bottom of a td

Hi Guys,

Anyone else have a problem using CM's editor which should you have a td with copy in... click at the top where you want the personalisation to appear, but instead it moves it to the very end of the whole copy?

Any ideas?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Hmmm, I just tested this (Firefox/Win7) with the content in a <td> tag and the personalization tag appeared exactly where my cursor was.. What browser are you using?

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Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago


Sorry meant to say IE8. This has now been recognized as a bug by CM via email.


Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago

Any news on this on this yet... if the editor is not working correctly in IE8, could really use an update eta etc.

Any templates that rely on the end user adding their own personlization tag into their emails using IE8 will find them appearing not quite where they should be...


Richard.Wendon Richard.Wendon, 7 years ago

Been advised to "educate" my clients so that they copy and paste the personalization into the right place, or get them to use Firefox until the bug is fixed... I look forward to telling them that. :S

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