Failed Postini - No explanation

Our email failed the Postini Spam Filter test yet, no explanation is given so that we may correct this.
All other spam tests are passing fine.

How can I trouble shoot postini?

8088y80y, 9 years ago

UPDATE: I just re-tested and postini passed.

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi, Postini can often be one of the harder filters to pass purely because it doesn't provide a good explanation for the block. If you made any changes that helped you pass it, do you mind sharing them with us all here?

8088y80y, 9 years ago

In this case, we simply retested with no changes and passed through Postini with no problem.
However, Postini is still the tough nut to crack in other email campaign tests.

karynn karynn, 9 years ago

This is an old post, but just wanted to make people aware (sorry for linking to chimp, but...):
Postini Bug Results in False Spam Reports

aognenoff, 9 years ago

I'm actually a Postini customer and over the past 2 weeks I've had a ton of emails and phone calls with support and finally got up to the engineering team.  The resolution was that they were going to update their filters based on my message - but that doesn't really help much because they still didn't tell me _why_ it was caught in the first place. Grrr...

Oh ya...and it wasn't even the quarantine that was catching it, the blatant spam blocker was what was catching it - which is funny because I only populate my lists through a double opt-in form on my site.

I do think it had something to do with the text-to-image ratio.

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