TOC Anchor & Unsubscribe Page


I have two questions:

1.) The TOC-Links don't work, but i have no idea why!
Tested in Apple Mail and GMail. Any ideas?


2.) I defined a unsubscribe page but it isn't used. While testing always the generic confirmation page is displayed? Why?

Thanks for your help.

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

Regarding the TOC links not working, do mean they are actually not jumping down to the article? Can you contact support with the specific email so we can take a look?

Regarding the unsubscribe page, what is the message you are seeing? Usually when testing unsubscribe you'll get a generic message that says "Unsubscribe Confirmation Page
This is the test unsubscribe confirmation page.

You haven't been unsubscribed from this campaign. When your subscribers click this link for the real campaign, they won't see this page, but will see the page below..."

Is this what you are seeing, or something else?

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signalfeuer, 7 years ago

Thanks for your response.

Yes, the TOC links are not jumping down to the article. That's the problem.

If i click the unsubscribe link i get the default page which says:
Unsubscribe Confirmation Page
This is the test unsubscribe confirmation page.

When the actual campaign is sent, anyone who unsubscribes will see either the custom unsubscribe page created by this designer, or a generic you have been unsubscribed page.

Isn't my custom page for that function displayed, while sending a test newsletter. I don't want that generic message displayed if i send the newsletter to my customers.

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