Outlook Double-Space Blues

First off, thanks to Campaign Monitor for adding these forums.  I've been a big fan of the CM blog for some time now and really rely on this place for great inspiration and best practices with HTML email...

Anyway, I've run into some problems with HTML emails I've designed that get mangled a bit if someone with Outlook, who is using the "Word as editor" function, forwards the email.  The result tends to create a double-spaced version of the email, which is pretty ugly.  I've done a lot of searching for a solution or workaround to this, with no luck...

Any suggestions, ideas?

Thanks in advance...
- Matt P

Mathew Mathew, 10 years ago

Hi Matt,

Unfortunately, once someone uses the programs 'forward' function, things can get pretty ugly. Other email clients do this too, and there is not really much that can be done to avoid it - the email program creators would need to be the ones to fix it.

That is a good reason to always include our forward to a friend tag in your campaigns, because that will let them send a nice clean copy of your email.  That's the only reliable way right now to forward html emails.

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damienbuckley damienbuckley, 10 years ago

Yeah emails often get trashed when forwarded - I'll second Mathew on the 'forward to friend' link, we use it in all our newsletters.  Also, make sure you've got the 'web version' link covered as this will ensure that whatever your readers are using as an email client, they've always got the opyion to open it in a browser.

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