Email Client Usage Metrics / Lotus Notes

Out of curiosity, when it comes to measuring the Email Client metrics in Campaign Monitor, I generally get a small amount of users <1% using Lotus Notes 6 - however, I never see anything for Lotus Notes 7 or 8. 

Does anyone know if this is based on actual metrics (is there really that few people using 7 / 8) or does Lotus Notes 7 & 8 not report back a user agent to even be measured? 

Thanks in advance!

-- jason

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hey Jason,

It is a bit tricky in some cases to get these stats - Lotus Notes 6 and 7 are both recorded as Lotus Notes 6 in reports, because they don't have differences in the user agent.

Lotus Notes 8 is apparently not distinguishable from Outlook 2000/2003/Express so they show up in that category for the moment. If we are ever able to find some way to separate them we'd make that update of course.

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