I'm just trying to debug some methods I have using this API call..

To confirm, will this not with with an HTTP POST(like all of the other methods I'm using) and only SOAP?


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


Correct, since this method uses an array for the custom fields it can only be accessed via SOAP

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cheesefactory, 7 years ago

Doh, and thats right in the documentation too...

Ok, well I have it working (sorta) with a SOAP call now, but I keep getting Error 101: Invalid ListID.   I've checked over my ApiKey and ListID values like a zillion times and I'm certain that they are correct..

I noticed that I'm not the first to experience this issue after a quick forum search, but I haven't seen any specific resolutions to this problem - any ideas?


Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

Hi David,

These ones are tough to diagnose without more details (normally InvaliD ListID really does mean the wrong list ID is being submitted), so please contact us via support and we can try to help you out.

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Joomailer Joomailer, 7 years ago

Hello cheesefactory,

I had a problem like this recently and the reason was a wrong order in the method attributes. If you are using the PHP wrapper and look at the method subscriberAddWithCustomFields you see the order of the attributes:
( $email, $name, $fields, $list_id = null, $resubscribe = false ).
It's not the same order as stated in the API documentation on this website ;)

Kind regards,

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