campaign monitor test works, real campaign goes to junk


We have passed all the spam and design testing with a 100%, and all the tests come to our inbox in outlook 2007 and other clients.

However, it goes to our junk mail in outlook 2007 when sending the real campaign. How can this be possible??

We have reviewed as well this word list that outlook see as spam and we don't have anything like that.

In fact, we have tried a real campaign with one of the default templates that are already in campaign monitor, and the test works, but not the real campaign, it goes to our junk mail.

Any help here?


travisbell travisbell, 7 years ago

Hi there,

I think it was your ticket I just replied to in support but I figured I'd reply here as well.

Unfortunately, these kinds of issues can be real tough to troubleshoot. Outlook 2007 is a bit of a black box of sorts but we can tell you the filtering primarily content based.

To give you an idea, I've even seen the image names cause the junk filter to be triggered.

Have you tried splitting up the content and sending each email separately see where it's being caught?

Another question, are you using any kind of 3rd party junk/span filter (server or client side)?

Travis Bell
nidcker, 7 years ago


I've been going further with this, and after sending more than 100 campaigns with me as the only recipient making modifications to the template, I'm still receiving them in my junk folder of outlook 2007.

So I decided to go for a simpler template, this is my HTML:

   <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8">
    <title>my newsletter</title>
Hi, I would like you to visit the latest products of our company. Feel free to contact us.
<unsubscribe>unsubscribe from our mailing list</unsubscribe>

There's no way to have it delivered in my inbox. What is going on??? Of course the test works but not the real campaign.

Can someone please test this template with outlook 2007 and tell me if it goes to the inbox?


J-P, 7 years ago

I tried this template and it came to inbox, no problem. Maybe it has something to do with settings in your Outlook or virus protection?

nidcker, 7 years ago

Hi J-P,

Thanks for trying this template. Have you tried it as a real campaign? All the tests work fine but not the real one.

I've no filters, no rules, my spam security level is low... I don't really know what's going on! I've sent the campaign to other people not under the same email domain, and go to spam as well! And I'm pretty sure that if I send it to you, it will go to your spam folder!! I would like to try this :)

andreand, 7 years ago

I have the same problem!

My campaign passed all the tests, but my client has received the email as spam?!

I need Campaign Monitor's team offers me a reliable explanation that my client understand.


davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago


Previews and actual campaigns are sent from the same server. There are two significant differences between the two:

1. The subject line is appended with " - PREVIEW" in preview campaigns. Unlikely to cause issues with a spam filter.

2. You may have seen me answer this in the other forum post today, but I'll paste it here too: The "return path" address is the same as the "from" address in the preview campaigns. In actual sends (not test mails), the "return path" address and "from" address don't match. The "return path" address goes back to us instead so that the reporting can happen. In this case, the server could be looking and say wait, the server in the "from" address doesn't say the server in the "return path" address is allowed. In this case, domain authentication could help . You could also look at having your client's mail admin whitelist our IPs

3. Additionally, there are some filters that will filter if they see emails with identical or nearly identical content coming through several times in a short amount of time, as this is a common spammer technique.

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