Tips for managing complex subsets of a subscriber list?

We are looking at using CM to manage our email campaigns. We are an academic program functioning across 15 campuses and all majors, so we have a very broad range of interests, but many subscribers sign up for multiple information (ie. scholarships, deadline reminders, and several majors). We have a base of 3300 subscribers currently who receive information based off of their stated interests from a variety of approximately 60 different categories. I want tips from users for:
1) Managing these lists - do you use separate subscriber lists or segments? Which is easier for searching for specific users if necessary.
2) Importing the subsets from another contact manager (how did you do it and not lose the nuanced preferences? List by list import? Is there another way? )

Thanks! Your feedback will probably determine whether we use CM or stick with what we have.

Mathew Mathew, 7 years ago

As far as making things simpler, using one list with custom fields to track the interests would be the way to go. It also makes it much faster to search for an individual, since you only have to look in one list.

There isn't really a way around importing the lists as files though, unless you have developers who can setup an API process for you.

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