Spam Filter Check Failed - Outlook 2007 - normal words given as reason

I am putting together an email campaign and decided to make use of the design and spam test. My campaign failed the Outlook 2007 Desktop spam filter and this is all the info I got:

Your email failed the Outlook 2007 filter with the following reasons (what do they mean):

    * wind (weight: 0.9)
    * deep (weight: 0.8)
    * treatment (weight: 0.8)

Wind, deep and treatment are all words that appear in my campaign but they are hardly spammy? They are not bigger than other text, nor bold or colored in any way. They are not even part of text links.

Am I misunderstanding this? What can I do to pass this filter?

davidaf davidaf, 7 years ago

The truth about the spam filters, especially for clients like Outlook, is that they are inscrutable and change greatly depending on the installation, security settings, and past receiving history of the client. Unfortunately, all we've got to go off is the same text that you do when you click on "what do these things mean?"

Microsoft understandably hasn't published the algorithm that it uses to either pass or reject a mail, so all our third party design and spam tester can do is take a guess at what *might* have caused the problem.  It may actually have nothing to do with those words, especially since they all seem eminently sensible. Except I can understand that "treatment" may be a problem, as so much spam revolves around pharmaceuticals.

In summary, they don't know *exactly* why it failed, it just did, and they've scoured the email looking for words that might be the reason. What they've highlighted is that's the best they can come up with. If you passed all the other filters, you may be OK.

If you can, test with someone who actually has Outlook 2007 and see if you pass their filter. If not, you'll want to start modifying your campaign by removing bits of content, changing the subject line, making sure you have a good text to image ratio, etc., until you pass to narrow down where the problem is.

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