Adding the first template for a client - not loading

I'm adding the first template to a new clients account and it isn't loading.

I have loaded this template previously to my own account for test purposes (and to sell them in on the idea). Yet when I try to add it to theirs it bombs out on me. I have deleted the template from my account and have tried to upload it again, but, alas, have had no success.

I'm trying to upload the HTML, .zip and a .jpg preview file.

There is no error message, just the spinning wheel in the browser window and note in the status bar "loading" for some 45 minutes.

Using Safari 4.0.3 on a MacBookPro running 10.6.1

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Paul_DM, 7 years ago

What a dope. I was trying to upload the wrong .zip file.

Learn from my mistake young padiwans!

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